i dont exist so you can find me attractive and acceptable

Disclaimer: I, in no way, intended this to glorify abuse. I’m deeply sorry if it has triggered you. I had tags underneath this (anger, angry) and I had hoped that’d be enough, but clearly I didn’t think this one through. I never expected this to take off, on average, my art gets maybe 20 notes. Maybe. And I never expected anyone would take this comic personally. I should have added a proper explanation, but since everyone is reblogging it from everyone else, this is all I can do.

This is a personal vent comic on my feelings of being told its my fault that I was sexually harassed. That’s where this came from. If you believe this is glorifying abusive measures, I never meant that. In fact, anger is the thing that saved my from a really unhealthy relationship.

It was the thing to finally show that toxic person that they had ZERO control over me. I don’t want to tell people how to deal with their abuse, I wasn’t a part of it, I don’t get a say. But on the flipside, please do not tell me how to deal with toxicity in my life. I have never been this enraged, but drawing stuff out like this keeps me from cracking. It’s how I control my anger.

If this comic is deeply unsettling/triggering/or you just hate it - tumblr saviour my blog “edentimm”. That way you’ll never have to see it again.

I’m sorry if I’ve hurt anyone by dealing with my emotions in the only way I know how. That was never my intention. I now know that, for next time, I need to add an explanation in the description.

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